The ArthroNav Project

Computer Assisted Navigation in Orthopedic Surgery using Endoscopic Images

The ArthroNav Project started in 2008 and is financially supported by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology through grant PTDC/EEA-ACR/68887/2006. The principal contractor is the Institute for Systems and Robotics, University of Coimbra (ISR-UC), in collaboration with Hospitals of University of Coimbra (HUC) and Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Coimbra (FCTUC).


  • RDFixer is looking for commercial partners

    We are looking for a comercial parternship to introduce the RDFixer visualization solution in the endoscopic systems market. You can check out the current development of the project here.

  • EasyCamCalib release 1.1

    A new release of EasyCamCalib is available to download here.

  • Paper Acceptance at BMVC 2011

    "Plane Surface Detection and Reconstruction using Induced Stereo Symmetry" has been accepted for poster presentation at the 2011 British Machine Vision Conference in Dundee (Scotland).

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  • Paper acceptance at GECCO'11

    "Adaptive and Hybrid Genetic Approaches for Estimating the Camera Motion from Image Point Correspondences" was accepted as full paper to be presented at GECCO'11, in Dublin.

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  • sRD-SIFT release 1.0

    The first release of sRDSIFT keypoint detector and descriptor is out. For more information and downloads follow this link.

  • Best ECCV reviewer award to Joao. P. Barreto

    Joao P. Barreto won the reviewer award at ECCV 2010.

  • EasyCamCalib release 1.0

    The first release of EasyCamCalib calibration toolbox is out. For more information and downloads follow this link.

  • Paper acceptance at ICRA'10

    "Feature Detection and Matching in Images with Radial Distortion" was accepted to be presented at ICRA'10, in Anchorage, Alaska.

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