The ArthroNav Project

Computer Assisted Navigation in Orthopedic Surgery using Endoscopic Images


  • Paper Acceptance at BMVC 2011

    "Plane Surface Detection and Reconstruction using Induced Stereo Symmetry" has been accepted for poster presentation at the 2011 British Machine Vision Conference in Dundee (Scotland).

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  • Paper acceptance at GECCO'11

    "Adaptive and Hybrid Genetic Approaches for Estimating the Camera Motion from Image Point Correspondences" was accepted as full paper to be presented at GECCO'11, in Dublin.

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  • sRD-SIFT release 1.0

    The first release of sRDSIFT keypoint detector and descriptor is out. For more information and downloads follow this link.

  • Best ECCV reviewer award to Joao. P. Barreto

    Joao P. Barreto won the reviewer award at ECCV 2010.

  • Paper acceptance at ICRA'10

    "Feature Detection and Matching in Images with Radial Distortion" was accepted to be presented at ICRA'10, in Anchorage, Alaska.

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