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Welcome! This is RDFixer, a software based solution for correcting the radial distortion of endoscopic images in real-time.



RDfixer is a software solution for correcting the distortion of endoscopic images in real-time. It can be deployed in a plug-and-play processing device connected between the camera control unit (CCU) and the display or, in alternative, it can be integrated by the manufacturer of the endoscopy equipment to run in the CCU. You can see the promotional video in here, and read more about our technology in here.

Promotional Video


RDFixer brings direct benefits to the practitioner/surgery by:

  • Providing a better perception of relative depth and distances.
  • Presenting the correct shape of the anatomic structures.
  • Ultimately reducing the learning curve for new practitioners.

Medical Feedback


  • No changes in the existing surgical routine.
  • No delays in correcting SD video (legacy equipment) or HD video, including 1080p @60Hz.
  • Compatible with every endoscopic equipment and/or lens in the market.
  • Transversal to all types of MIS procedures (e.g. arthroscopy, laparoscopy, rhinoscopy, cystoscopy etc).
  • Runs on COTS hardware, using a multicore arquitecture.
  • Camera calibration made avaliable to subsequent processing steps, such as image normalization and alignment, stereo, or 3D modeling from video.
  • Automatic update of camera parameters during operation